Iridium Data Ltd.

Established in 1996, Iridium Data Ltd. specializes in sales, marketing, technical support and after-sales service of electronic components.

As a leading Israelidistributor of prominent international manufacturers, we employ a large group of professional and dedicated sales and application engineers, service engineers and supporting logistics and administrative personnel.

To maximize efficiency, Iridium Data Ltd. is divided into focused business units, offering a broad spectrum of technologies to satisfy the growing needs of Israel's hi-tech industry.
Located in Ra’anana, Iridium's facilities include warehouses, training facilities and offices.

Taking distribution of electronic components to the next level Our aim is to provide a quick and efficient response to our customers' ongoing needs and requirements. Iridium's global connections allow us to support a versatile range of needs and to give personal attention to each and every request.

As a leading distributor of electronic components in Israel, we are able to supply complete Material Requirement Plans (MRP) as well as single line items. We understand the challenges faced by purchasing agents and are able to offer viable solutions. Iridium Data is readily available to assist in all market conditions.

Our unique marketing approach for electronic components and computer peripherals is based on the concept of Global Search Coverage, which is the driving force behind the Iridium Data team.

In a fluctuating and complex marketplace, Iridium Data is able to provide customers with quick and positive answers. We work hard to give full service to our customers and we keep them well informed regarding market fluctuations, delivery times, as well as availability projections.

Working closely with our customers, Iridium Data provides full and quick access to the global marketplace.

Companies Represented.

Iridium Data represents a number of prominent manufacturing companies and promotes their full product lines locally.

Among the companies we represent are: Chrontel, Moschip, Diotec, UTC, Radian, and Queen puo. 

 Market & Application Focus
• Networking - Fast ethernet/gigabit, ethernet switches, repeater,
   routers and hubs
• Backbone transport - ATM and SONET/SDH
• Telecom - broadband access ADSL, XDSL, PDH
• Wireless and satellite communication
• Cable modem and set top boxes
• Infrastructure equipment - base stations and fiber-optics communication systems
• DSP-based applications - data acquisition
• Graphics, video, audio-based and multimedia systems
• Instrumentation, industrial control and test equipment
• Medical imaging systems
•Computers, Ind. Market